Step 1: Slippers and Fairy Shoes Tutorial

Begin by printing the Slippers Fairy Shoes Pattern and cutting out the pieces of the slippers or fairy shoes. In this tutorial, the focus will be on the slippers; however, techniques for constructing the shoes are the same.

Preparing the Insole

Trace the sole patterns onto a piece of card stock (a thick piece of paper) or thin cardboard. This will be the shoe insole.

TIP: When I purchase “Fat Quarter” of fabric, I keep the cardboard inside to reuse for shoes and creating patterns. For those new to sewing, a Fat Quarter is a small square of fabric often used for quilting.

Cut out the shoe insole you have just traced. I find it easiest to cut the insoles using a smaller scissors.

TIP: Mark one insole with an “R” for right shoe, and the other insole with “L” for left shoe. You don’t want to end up with two shoes pointing left or right.

Trace the Soles

Cut Out the Soles






Creating the Upper Part of the Slipper

Iron the piece of fleece using a hot setting on your iron. When finished, you will see that one side of the fleece looks ruffled and messy while the other side appears smooth. The smooth side will be the outside of your slipper.

Using a Sharpie marker, trace the upper pattern onto the fleece’s ruff side. Be sure not to press so hard that the fabric becomes saturated with ink. If you’re using traditional fabric, use a gel pen to trace the pattern.

Fleece Has a Ruff Side and Smooth Side

Use a Sharpie to Trace the Uppers







Cutting Out the Upper

Now you are ready to begin trimming away the excess fabric in order to create the upper parts of the slippers. As you trim away the excess fabric, stay inside the lines left behind by the Sharpie. By doing this, you are ensuring to not have any marker stains on the fabric. If you miss any, don’t worry. Grab your cuticle scissor and trim away the bits of marker ink. If you look closely, you will see that the marker mostly covers the fuzzy part of the fleece, but doesn’t really saturate the fabric.

Cut Inside the Sharpie Marker Line

Trim Away Marker Ink with Cuticle Scissors







Now that all the pieces have been cut out and prepared, you’re ready to move on to Step 2.

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